The Somnambulist and the Psychic Thief | supernatural mystery


Should you find yourself in need of a discreet investigation into any sort of mystery, crime or puzzling circumstances, think of Jesperson and Lane . . .

For several years Miss Lane was companion, amanuensis, collaborator and friend to the lady known to the Psychical Society only as Miss X - until she discovered that Miss X was actually a fraud.

Now she works with Mr Jasper Jesperson as a consulting detective, but the cases are not as plentiful as they might be and money is getting tight - until a case that reaches across the entirety of London lands in their laps.

It concerns a somnambulist, the disappearance of several mediums, and a cat stuck up a tree . . . the links with the cat are negligible, but there is only one team that can investigate the seemingly supernatural disappearances of the psychics and defy the nefarious purpose behind them.

Jesperson and Lane, at your service.

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Author: Lisa Tuttle
Pages: 416 (paperback)
Publication: 16th June 2016
Series: The Curious Affair of (#1)
Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing a review copy.

Sherlock Holmes inspired mysteries... bordering on the supernatural

There are two mysteries that our characters end up investigating in Victorian London: the curious sleep-walking a man is experiencing, and the odd disappearances of well-known London psychics. The writing style reminds me a little of Holmes too, in that we don't necessarily get to know the characters very well, or very fast - but it's still impossible not to care about them. The focus is on the work of Miss Lane and Mister Jesperson, and them getting to know each other and setting up their business.

Solid story and a good introduction to the series

The story wraps up nicely, the addition of psychic powers is surprising and works really well - and on top of that, the characters absolutely lovely. I found myself slowing down when reading this one, just so it would last a little longer. The story moves quite quickly but we learn about the characters a little slowly which might be an issue for some readers.

Quick recap and rating

A delightful story with an imaginative and interesting cast of characters. I felt transported to a different time and place, and couldn't wait to get back to the story every time I took a break. This one's probably a 4.5 rating for me.

Have you read any Lisa Tuttle books? Do you have any favourites that remind you a little of Sherlock Holmes?